Swap Chain Not Working

Swap Chain Not Working. When will bnb to smart chain be working? All the previous tutorial works, when i try the swap chain tutorial i get the error:

Timing chain guides are not lining up after pi head swap
Timing chain guides are not lining up after pi head swap from mustangforums.com

Some drivers are unable to reset the d3d device in the gpu process sandbox applied workarounds: Just in case, i'd try clearing both buffers (textures) of the swap chain, if you have two, just after calling resizebuffers and before omsetrendertargets. Swap chain performance using dxgi swap effect flip discard.

All The Previous Tutorial Works, When I Try The Swap Chain Tutorial I Get The Error:

It might not even care about the swapchain actually. 190 current serial number in output stream: Clear uniforms before first program use on all platforms:

If I Add Manually The Network On Metamask, Using The Same Information It Works.

Antoine reux may 04 '17 at 13:32. It turns out that idxgiswapchain::resizebuffers is able to reset or change the swap chain flags. // this is the most common swap chain format.

You Are Not Supposed To Use A Swap Chain When Working With D3Dimage, You Are Supposed To Allocate A Texture As Render Target And Share It With D3D9/Wpf Through D3Dimage.

I would try limiting the fps through scene complexity first with a standard double buffered swap chain then try it with higher buffer counts. I still support extended desktop mode, and that. Do you know what you are doing or did you just experiment until something looked like it might work?

You Could Use Id3D11Devicecontext::clearrendertargetview On Your Rtv, Or Map, Or Updatesubresource Or Anything.

Competitive fps) and you don't care about power consumption. I did not clean up resources after creating the new swap chain: Do not use pancakeswap on your browser (e.g.

Why Are You Using A Swap Chain In The First Place?

Looks like d3d device is created before dxgi is loaded (based on log), so reshade could not hook it when installed as dxgi.dll. The swap chain usually exists in graphics memory, but it can exist in system memory as well. Present will fail with dxgi_error_invalid_call if this is not the case.

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