Our Story

Coin Hunter Research Group

Coin Hunter Research Group is a specialist digital assets research and strategic advisory firm. Born from a passion for digital assets and an ambition to create industry best practice, to help dynamic projects distinguish themselves from the market.

The Coin Hunters

Mark Roddy

Research Director

Mark is our head of research at CHRG, he brings a wealth of expertise from positions held across fintech and financial services, with a focus on wealth management. Mark holds a Bachelor of Business in Extended Finance and Financial Planning from the University of Technology, Sydney. Mark is focused on understanding how value accrues within the crypto networks and how that translates to financial models.

Sebastian Antoniou

Director of Operations and Research

Sebastian is a decentralisation evangelist and a content production specialist, with a broad skill set and experience base in research, writing, producing, filming and distribution. Previously working across a range of industries including documentary, financial services, entertainment, food and beverage, he has now applied his skills to blockchain technology and is fast becoming a research specialist. Sebastian is a graduate of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

Jacqueline Chevalley

Director of Communications

Jacqueline is a strategic corporate communications and public relations specialist, with over a decade of experience in both the public and private sectors. Working across a range of industries, Jacqueline’s expertise encompasses: Public Relations, Media Relations, Crisis Communications, Stakeholder Relations, Events Management and Public Affairs. Jacqueline holds a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications), University of NSW, and a Masters of Strategic Public Relations, The University of Sydney.

Lindsay Hatton

Community Relations

Lindsay leads the community relations practice of Coin Hunter, where his frank, honest, specialist guidance and passion for decentralised technology make him a sought-after counsel. Lindsay has a strong global network of contacts that make him invaluable to up and coming projects. Before Coin Hunter, Lindsay spent over seven years working as a project manager across a range of industries.