Somebody bought 133k bitcoins in the last 4 weeks

One of the advantages of this technology called blockchain, is that it is a public and immutable record and everything that happens in the chain of blocks will be recorded in plain sight, but without face or identity.

By visiting, you can check a TOP-100 record of the addresses with the most Bitcoin or, to put it another way, it is the top 100 of the crypto-millionaires. There are also records of the other wallets.

One thing that caught my attention is that there are several addresses that have been created in recent weeks with transaction amounts of 10,000 BTC, on average; that is, about US$ 65,000,000. Most of them in the months of May, July and August.

Additionally, there are 5 wallets with amounts between 11,000 BTC and 55,000 BTC in a period of 4 weeks, from the end of September to the last week of October. The total accumulated by these 5 wallets is more than 133 thousand BTC an amount equivalent to the cold wallet of Bitfinex (133 my BTC), superior to the cold wallet of Binance (129 thousand BTC) and Bittrex (107 thousand BTC); this according to the same portal bitinfocharts.

This shows that large amounts of money are entering the Bitcoin market while maintaining this strange stability in the price that has lasted longer than expected.

This feeds the theory that “heavy” financial institutions could be taking a position in the crypto market, but doing so stealthily or through the back door, through the over-the-counter (OTC) market, as I commented in a previous article, so as not to affect the price directly.

Below are the 5 addresses and the approximate dollar amount at the time of writing.

13k bitcoin moved

Who bought more than 130000 bitcoins in these 4 weeks

We cannot know the identity of the owners of these accounts, nor if two or more addresses belong to a single entity. However, the remarkable thing about this is that there are not many people who can afford to handle purchase transactions greater than 10,000 BTC at a price of US$ 6,400, and less in such a short period of time. Hence, it can be assumed that they are the financial institutions.

And as the saying goes:

“Buy with the rumour and sell with the news.


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