Welcome to the new The Coin Hunter Research Group website!

What a year it has been for the crypto sphere! Although the market has been wholly unmerciful – especially to those who joined during the retail frenzy of late 2017 – at Coin Hunter, we have remained, if not doubled down on our bullish stance regarding this powerful emerging asset class.

For those that have been avidly following our work for the past year, you will now have a place where all our thoughts, analysis and, communications will be delivered.

As we hope to further increase our own and communities understanding and knowledge of this fast-moving space, we must strive to find the most efficient and effective way of doing so, thus the new website.

We will begin the process of uploading the numerous written pieces we have been sending to your inbox each week, whilst still maintaining our content delivery as per program.

Our website written content is easily consumable and broken down into the following categories.


As we are primarily looking at digital assets from a fundamental viewpoint, we will never fall short thought pieces and macro analysis in this perpetually evolving arena. Our weekly topics range from defining money, token economies, macroeconomics and ICO sale structures. We hope to arm our readers with a stronger sense to take a step back and think bigger and about this space as a whole.

ICO & Token Research

Aside from the occasional event-based or technical focused trade, it takes us here at Coin Hunter a significant amount of time to investigate a project. Not all our research will see the light of day due to avoiding making any unsubstantiated comments about projects. When we do provide research, it is usually one from our own economic modelling and/or communication with respected figures in the space.

CHRG Portfolio

The Coin Hunter Dummy Portfolio has been in operation since December 2017. For a full explanation of the objectives click here. Monthly we reassess and rebalance the portfolio, noting any changes in our detailed report.

News & Announcements

Whilst currently being used for this announcement, this section will usually play host to daily and weekly news in the digital asset world. We will bring the most important news to your screen.

Thought Leaders

This section will serve as a collation of not only those bullish but those bearish on the overall digital asset space. Over time our aim is to source the most important interviews, opinions and thoughts by those most respected and revered.


Digital assets not only has a steep fundamental and intellectual learning curve, but they also harbour a rather strong technical one. We will provide ‘How To’ guides where appropriate to buy, store and manage your digital assets.

We hope that we will remain your trusted source for information in the fast-moving and exhilarating space and look out for a range of services in the near future.


The Coin Hunters.