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We believe cryptocurrencies offer a very compelling risk to reward story.


At Coin Hunter Research Group we believe cryptocurrencies are forming a new asset class, this asset class is largely misunderstood by the market and therefore opportunities exist for those willing to do the work.


Coin Hunter was formed in a response to a need for comprehensive and concise research that is founded on fundamentals. Fundamental research is severely lacking in the digital asset space and through our research we endeavour to present real insights and opportunities to investors.

Empowering the Value Creators


We strive to be one of the trusted sources of research, education, and insights into this rapidly evolving space, in doing so, accelerating the adoption of this new asset class.


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Our research is freely available and is a means for you to view the digital asset space from a traditional investing lens.

Market Insights

Bitcoin was just the first iteration of digital assets and its innovation has paved the way for a completely new asset class powered by distributed ledger technology.

This new asset class is not limited to just currencies as many believe, rather the technology has unlocked a new generation of services and business models that has the potential to be disruptive to traditional business models.

Significant returns have caught the public’s attention but greed and ‘fear of missing out’ have created a wild west of volatility, over-capitalised projects and fraudulent activity. We are at a point where as investors we need to make rational decisions. We strive to be that voice of rationality through the noise.

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Project Services

We help accelerate projects that are focused on real Innovation.

Our focus is on helping real projects bring innovation to the market. We work with clients to build and articulate their value proposition to customers and investors simultaneously.

We work with projects at any stage, from ideation all the way to established projects looking for ongoing support. Reach out to see how we can work together.

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